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June 23, 2019

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Tips for Choosing a Sod Company

Choosing the best lawn may seem like an easy task but most people make a lot of mistakes because they do not know what to look out for. It is important to do thorough research on the type of lawn you intend to have and whether you will be able to maintain them. Different lawns vary according to their requirements. Research on the weather patterns that go with the different type lawns and the companies with the best lawns at a good cost. This article addresses the factors to consider when choosing a sod company.

Your shade is a determinant in the type of lawn that will suit your area. Every lawn varies according to the amount of sunlight it can withstand. The amount of sunshine received should be determined before making the purchase. A good sod company will take the time to calculate this during summer when there is most sunlight. Calculating sunlight received can be done in various ways. Devices that have applications that help you determine the sunshine known as the sun and moon tracker. Shadow patterns can also be determined using this application. The type of lawn to purchase is determined by the weather pattern of the area. Bermuda, Centipede and Zoysia are most preferred in areas that experience a warm climate.

These type of lawns can survive on high sunlight on a clear sky day. The above types of lawns are able to withstand a semiarid climate. The low sunlight type of lawn include the Leisure Time Zoysia with the capability of surviving 5 hours of sunshine with shade. Consider the Elite Tall Fescue when you have lots of shade because it thrives in this environment. When choosing a sod company check out the weather they have a variety of lawns where you can choose from and their knowledge about their correlation with the weather. They should also educate you on what type of lawns work best for your area.

Research on and customer services or any services offered after purchase by the company. Different sod companies attracts customers with different deals. Research on the different deals offered by different sod companies such as maintenance of up to a certain period of time. Asses the different deals by different companies and make a decision based on what works for you.

The type and texture of the client should be a consideration to the sod company. People choose the type and texture of lawn based on what they know for instance past experiences. The sod company should be able to portray some level of consideration to the clients’ preferences. Customer satisfaction is one of the important qualities a sod company should have. To conclude, when choosing a sod company consider these factors.

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