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May 23, 2019

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Tips for Choosing a Record Search Service

A lot of small businesses have an internal department that takes care all of their record search requirements. As businesses expand and due diligence needs get more complicated, most hire the services of a separate company to do their public record checks and requests. Deciding whom to entrust their business with can be a challenging. From the national to and the local scene, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of choices today.

These are the three core issues to keep in mind when considering a potential record search service provider:

Business Reputation and Experience

How long has the service been in the industry? What is their reputation like within their own business circle and within yours? The work a record search company does is likely vital to your business’ success, so it is a must to work with one that you trust. Ask for referrals. Hook up with others in your industry, ask which provider they use, and find out what they think of the company. Another good method of learning about a record search service is to go online. By exploring their website, you can typically read about their history and expertise as a company, along with testimonials from past clients.


The physical location of your record search provider matters for two main reasons. First, working with a local provider means timezone convenience, which means your emails and phone calls can be answered promptly. Especially for urgent requests, you have to be able to reach them during your regular business hours. Second, it pays to work with a company located in your state or county, where the bulk of your business is. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra costs and even spend extra time to complete jobs.


When evaluating service providers according to price, don’t just check what is listed on their fee schedule. Is there a fee for delivering results? Do they hire other agents for the actual work and make you pay for it? How much do they charge for copies? Do they give volume order discounts? These issues can all impact the total cost of every record search transaction. And remember, online searches are generally cheaper than their manual or traditional counterparts. When possible, partner with an online company so you can take full advantage of the benefits they offer.

As previously stated, there are several record search services these days, so there is more than enough room for you to find the one that fits your needs to a T. And with options comes room for making reasonable comparisons. It is only through this route that you can find the best record search company available to you.

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