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June 11, 2019


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Storage Solutions for a Small Kitchen

A small kitchen will need more creative ideas for you to make it spacious enough while storing the many kitchen items that you have. Moving around in a small kitchen may be difficult and may find yourself tripping and falling over items most of the time. You desire to add more modern items to your kitchen, but you have no clue on how to do it because the space looks so small to add other items. You will have to sell your house and buy another one that has a bigger kitchen, but that a hassle is not necessary because you can get space in your small kitchen. An interior decorator will help you design a kitchen layout with enough space but you know your kitchen better and how you want to use it; therefore have storage ideas before you bringing an interior decorator. Here are some of the creative ways for your kitchen storage that you can implement to get space.

Magnetic spice jars are an excellent way to store spices because you can hang them on the door your fridge and save the space in the cupboard and all the shelves for other items. You can also create a spice rack by using metal containers with magnetic pieces attached on the bottom and hanging them on a metal panel.

A hanging rack for your pots and pans creative way of minimizing the storage capacity the pots and pans would take if you were to place them in the cupboard. Creativity calls for a daring heart and hanging pots and pans from the ceiling using hooks is bold, fun and also a storage approach that saves a lot of space.

Attach hooks in the cabinet that can be used to hang small items such as cooking spoons, teacups, you mention them. The hook should be long and strong enough to handle several items.

Getting cuts from knives is easy when you store them in drawers and unlike on magnetic knife strips. Magnetic knife strip keep your blades sharp for long. You can also glue magnetic stickers on the handles of other items and store them on the magnetic trip because it is long enough to accommodate different items if you have few knives.

Use a pegboard to hang those bulky items such as cooking pans. Paint the pegboard in a creative way to make it look attractive. Attach as many hooks as you want on the holes to increase and capacity of storage. For you to make the items look attractively arranged on the pegboard, you should also be creative with your style of organizing them. Maximize on the number of items you and store on the pegboard by adding small items like towels and spoons to it.

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